Ignite Young Adult Ministry

… we need a Church capable of walking at people’s side, of doing more than simply listening to them; a Church which accompanies them on their journey; a Church able to make sense of the “night” contained in the flight of so many of our brothers and sisters from Jerusalem; a Church which realizes that the reasons why people leave also contain reasons why they can eventually return.  But we need to know how to interpret, with courage, the larger picture. Jesus warmed the hearts of the disciples of Emmaus.

Pope Francis, Address, to the Bishops of Brazil at World Youth Day, July 28, 2013, n. 3.

For over 30 years, Redemptorists around the world and particularly in Canada have made Youth and Young Adult Ministry priorities in the midst of our pastoral work.  By working to make our parishes centres for young people, we seek to proclaim the Good News of Plentiful Redemption through programs, retreats, youth gatherings and associations.  

In light of the recent Synod on “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment” (2018), the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation, “Christus vivit” (2019), and the Canadian Bishops Publication, “You Give Them Something To Eat:  A Resource and Guide for Pastoral Planning for Youth Ministry in Canada” (2016), as well as our international  “General Guidelines for Redemptorist Youth and Vocation Ministry” (2020), Redemptorists and our Lay Partners who work in the area of Youth and Young Adult Ministry seek to meet the spiritual, pastoral, and physical needs of young people in our local communities.

Some of the work we are involved in across Canada…..

  • Ignite Young Adult Ministry – Toronto
  • Ignite Young Adult Ministry – Grande Prairie
  • “Dialogue” with Young People
  • High School Retreat Ministry – “Called to be a People of Justice and Compassion”
  • NETWORK Leadership Seminars

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