Accompanying the Next Generation

Thursday February 16, 2023

7 pm – 9 pm Eastern 

We will explore ways to imitate Jesus’ ability to give the gift of His attention to others like He did with the Woman at the Well and with the two disciples on the Road to Emmaus.
Topics to discuss include:

  • Knowing your audience 
  • Listening Skills | How to create space for attentive listening
  • Authority & Responsibility / Friend vs. Mentor | How to set healthy boundaries
  • The difference between ministering to Teens (13-17) and Young Adults (18-35) | Dos & Don’ts, linking their desires to the Gospel
  • Pastoral Traps | How to appropriately identify and address issues

Presenter: Isabel Correa, B.Ed, MTS

Isabel Correa draws on 20 years of leadership experience in ministry with youth and young families. Her life’s mission is dedicated to the formation and evangelization of young people. She has a Masters Degree in Theology, B.Ed from McGill University and a B.Sc. from Concordia University. Isabel has extensive Youth Ministry and leadership training. Director of the Youth Ministry Office for the Archdiocese of Montreal since 2007, she provides training in youth ministry, coordinates youth projects, and organizes diocesan youth gatherings and various youth pilgrimages every year. Isabel also teaches at Institut Formation Theologique de Montreal (IFTM) and has been named by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) as Coordinator for the Canadian World Youth Day Delegation.

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