NETWORK Leadership Seminars and Workshops are programs of the Redemptorists of North America through IGNITE Ministry (Redemptorist Youth and Vocation Ministry), providing leadership training, formation and personalized accompaniment for parish staff and volunteers who make up the leadership for youth ministry, young adult ministry, or family and children ministry.  

In the midst of challenging times, we believe in the value of building up our young people in both their needs of their everyday life, and the essential relationship with Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.  We also recognize that local parish programs have diminished over the years, especially in these past years, and parishes are looking for support and practical approaches to creative viable and sustainable ministries.

We invite you to “NETWORK!” through either the ongoing LEADER SEMINARS or in the WORKSHOPS based on your needs and the needs of your community!


We offer monthly virtual seminars for teams of parish leaders. These seminars are designed to build upon each other, and engage the team with mentoring and support from our Ignite Team in between the online seminars. Ideally parish teams should consist of 3-6 people and should plan to commit to the work of the Seminars to build and advance the work of these ministries within their parish. This is a journey to ignite a vision of ministry with and for young people on the local level while learning the skills of program development and leadership training.

The next series of NETWORK! Seminars will start in January 2024.


These monthly virtual Workshops are “stand-alone” Workshops for leaders seeking good formation around topics that can enhance their ministries with youth, young adults and family and children ministry. We currently have 11 workshops planned beginning in October 2023 conducted by leaders from across North America who are experts with years of experience in ministry with young people.

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